Our products are constantly monitored throughout the manufacturing process and are distinguished on the market for their well-known quality, which starts by the excellence of the materials used.

Spaggiari Industria Gomma controls the whole production process through a quality management system, which has been conferring upon us with the highest awards, by the main Certification Authorities for more than 20 years.



Understanding a customer’s real needs from the onset of any project is paramount in planning to achieve the lowest possible production waste. Continuous improvement and total quality management are deemed as processes to achieve the illusive actual zero defects. Many companies have spent a lot of resources working to reduce the level of defects from a process only to find that the number of variables which they have to contend with within the commercial boundaries mean that zero defects cannot be achieved solely through process improvement. Manual inspection is costly and provides unpredictable and low confidence results.

This does not mean that zero defects can be guaranteed but extremely low production waste will be achieved where required, thus reducing costly reject management exercises at our customers. The cost of initial set up can prevent it initially seeming the lowest cost option but over time it will provide the lowest total acquired cost and a concern free product life.



Tight manufacturing controls with well designed processes coupled with operator knowledge and vigilance make it possible to produce parts with very low defect levels. The variability of materials in rubber processing prevents many from achieving zero defects. Unlike plastics and metals, variability in rubber processing is very high since the material cross links with time and temperature and radically changes its flow properties (doubling the speed of change for every 10°C rise). Variations in mixing, storage and preparation and changes of temperature with flow (particularly through restrictions such as injection gates where temperatures can rise 20-30°C) prevent most factories from achieving zero defects. This leads to the need of a visual inspection.


Critical Control

The liability in manufacturing grows as each year passes. A manufacturer must be certain of their products and able to demonstrate this both by testing and through the traceability of the materials and processes used. We have an full approach to quality control which ensures reliable parts through the application of high technologies for material analysis and inspection.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

DNV Certificated Quality


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