Triangular milking liners by Spaggiari

 Discover the triangular milking liners range by Spaggiari!
NEW Spaggiari bend compatible Afikim 4098086
Available in black rubber & light blue silicone

Spaggiari BLUE SILICONE maintenace kit interchangeable for Pulsameter2 used by the following brand:
*Boumatic, GM, Gea, Imoulsa, Insentec, Itec, Lms, Sac, Strangko.

Conform to food-certifications: european BfR and FDA.
Flowmeter kit by Spaggiari Gomma is the best silicone spare parts to mantein top milk meters performances and a perfect management of the herd.

Spaggiari kit items code:







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AirFlex - The natural rubber tube

Brand new items made by Spaggiari Gomma.
The new natural rubber tube and short tubings made of the best quality rubber polymer.
Great strength and an extremely softness.
Available tube dimension:
ø 7 x 13.5 item code 1100/0119S  50 mt
Available short tubing dimensions:
ø 7 x 13.5 item code 1100/0120S  180 cm
ø 7 x 13.5 item code 1100/0121S  200 cm
ø 7 x 13.5 item code 1100/0122S  205 cm
ø 7 x 13.5 item code 1100/0125S  230 cm
Delaval Lely robot milk tube.jpg

New adaptable Boumatic Flex 60 milking liner,
a solid design with ribbed barrel support and now the possibility to get it with the unique Air Vent system!
(Ask for 0000/0730 and 0000/0730V for the Air Vent version)
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Spaggiari items are NOT original but interchangeable. References to other manufacturers by their company names, trademarks or product references are for the item identification purposes and adaptability OF SPAGGIARI’S SPARE PARTS with such products and does not indicate that Spaggiari has received approval from or the authorization of such third parties to produce or distribute such products. Trademarks, company names and product (not Spaggiari), are property of their respective owners and used in compliance to art. 21 clause 1 c) CPI.

0000/0730 & 0000/0730V
New plastic bend for goat&sheep,
code 2200/0232
- Non-toxic material.
- Extremely tra/nsparent and infrangible.
- Absolutly essential for a correct milk-flow.
New Plastic bend 2200/0232
Introducing new tube scissor.
The next level in cut precision, durability and easy usable.
Suitable for tubing up to 32 mm diameter.
Produces a clean professional cut each time.
Item code 2200/0850

Spaggiari's fittings range. Strictly branded, instantly recognisable.

Tutti i raccordi e le connessioni Spaggiari sono rigorosamente contraddistinti dal nostro logo aziendale e dalla dicitura "Made in Italy", a garanzia di sicurezza e costanza qualitativa.
I prodotti che non presentano tali caratteristiche, non sono articoli Spaggiari.

New 0000/0715 washer. Perfectly suitable for 0000/0444-1 milking liner


New 0000/0715 washer (adapt. Delaval 907429-01) suitable for 0000/0444-1 milking liner.

The use of the proper jetter cup prevents problems of
deformation of the liner's mouthpiece.


Garolla enology rubber and silicone gaskets

Spaggiari implementa la propria produzione espandendo la propria qualità MADE IN ITALY anche al settore enologico.
Da oggi saranno disponibili le guarnizioni per attacchi Garolla, in vari diametri, sia in gomma NBR che in silicone.
A breve la sezione Enologia sarà presente nell'Home Page del sito.

0000/0703 adapt. Magnum 400MX


60 years of Spaggiari Industria Gomma


0000/650SL silicone membrane adapt. 989917-81

0000/650SL new version in yellow silicone.
adaptable 989917-81 Allmatic for Goats.
The membrane oscillation as pulsation regulator ensures the best milking performance.
Discover new complete Sapggiari KIT adaptable 
for DeLaval milk meter FloMaster Pro MM15.
Download the pdf to view the correct position of Spaggiari rubber spare parts
You can find other information in this section:
 >Product Catalogue



Did you know that:

March 17, 1845 marks the day the rubber band was patented by a man named Stephen Perry, a British inventor and businessman.


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