Milking Liners for Bovines - Buffaloes - adaptable Boumat*

Код: 0000/0730

Код  оригинала: Flex 60

Описание :

Adaptable Boumatic Flex 60
New adaptable Boumatic Flex 60 milking liner,
a solid design with ribbed barrel support and now the possibility to get it with the unique Air Vent system!
(Ask for 0000/0730V for the Air Vent version)
Thanks to TiMEPRO© compound, specifically engineered for zootechnics, the black rubber liner assures an average lifetime of 1.000 milking hours or 3.000 milking cycles. That's 20% more than what the market offers standar.
* Spaggiari items are NOT original but interchangeable. References to other manufacturers by their company names, trademarks or product references are for the item identification purposes and adaptability OF SPAGGIARI’S SPARE PARTS with such products and does not indicate that Spaggiari has received approval from or the authorization of such third parties to produce or distribute such products. Trademarks, company names and product (not Spaggiari), are property of their respective owners and used in compliance to art. 21 clause 1 c) CPI.


  • A = 303.0mm
  • B = 25.0 mm
  • C = 22.0 mm
  • D = 11 mm




  • Rubber


  • Bovines
  • Buffaloes

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