Milk Tubes - Yarned Tube with Spiral

Code: 2200/VA50

Original code: Ø50mm x 63mm


The tube’s heavy.-duty walls gives a very solid framework, which prevents their collapsing, without altering the proverbial flexibility. 


The formulation of the material has been specifically developed to withstand the attack of milk acids.  It doesn’t contain phthalates (DEHP), considered harmful to humans beings.


We recommend to replace this article once a year.

Product Features:

  • Cheaper than tubes with similar purposes
  • Toughness and elasticity
  • BfR (European) and FDA (American) certifications


  • A = 50 mm
  • B = 63 mm




  • Plastica con tessuto retinato

Fields of use

  • Bovines
  • Buffaloes
  • Caprines
  • Equines
  • Ovines
  • Industria alimentare

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