Kit interchangeable for Pulsameter2


Spaggiari BLUE SILICONE maintenace kit interchangeable for Pulsameter2 used by the following brand:
*Boumatic, GM, Gea, Imoulsa, Insentec, Itec, Lms, Sac, Strangko.

Conform to food-certifications: european BfR and FDA.
Flowmeter kit by Spaggiari Gomma is the best silicone spare parts to mantein top milk meters performances and a perfect management of the herd.

Spaggiari kit items code:








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Spaggiari items are NOT original but interchangeable. References to other manufacturers by their company names, trademarks or product references are for the item identification purposes and adaptability OF SPAGGIARI’S SPARE PARTS with such products and does not indicate that Spaggiari has received approval from or the authorization of such third parties to produce or distribute such products. Trademarks, company names and product (not Spaggiari), are property of their respective owners and used in compliance to art. 21 clause 1 c) CPI.

1 c) CPI.


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